Conversation for every day and for travel

Conversation for every day
and for travel

Learning German

If you have recently moved to Switzerland and are a beginner, we can teach you the basics of German in English. At our language school we will help you to cope with everyday life: how do you order a coffee, where do you find a good doctor and how can you make an appointment in German?

If you already have some knowledge of German, we will help you to become a fluent and confident speaker or study for a certificate.

Learning English or French

Would you like to learn English or French for your next journey abroad? Would you like to be able to talk more fluently to your English speaking or French speaking friends? Would you like to read books and articles in English or French? Or skype with your grandchildren in Australia? 

Individuell Sprachen lernen offers customised one-to-one lessons or organises and designs a language course for your own group if you would like to share lessons with friends or family.

Existing groups who would be open for new participants:
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